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Company profile

The company was founded in 1991 with full private capital. We are located in industrial zone Vizbegovo Skopje.
The activity of the company is divided into several segments:

  • Segment Auditorium Seats
  • The cinema seats
  • Theater seats
  • Amphitheater seats
  • Multifunctional seats
  • Segment Office chairs
  • Segment Office Furniture
  • Segment House Furniture

To be up to date with modern interiors, the company continuously invests in upgrading and modernization of permanent plants and invests in new ones.
By investing recently our company completed the entire production and technological process, and we have new:

  • Production of auditorium seats
  • Production of office chairs
  • Production of office furniture
  • Storage space for raw materials
  • Administrative space
  • Showcase saloons


Birostil mission lays on permanent care of our chairs and seats with healthcare benefits (eco molded, ergonomic lines), warranty period, quick service and post warranty maintenance.

Vision and purpose

Birostil vision is to develop itself as an export oriented company, ready for new markets and new partnerships. To meet that goal Birsotil has an established network of customers throughout the state and also develops networks in other European countries like Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Bulgaria and others.